Hi, I’m Melody Barnes Jones. I write, I craft, I art, I create. For a living, I social media, within which I can also be creative, so I love it too. God love creativity. And ice cream.

This website is a way to talk about and post creative endeavors that I am brave enough to make public. I call it Melody Essence because creativity is the true essence of who I am, and I have finally realized I am much happier in my life when I honor that part of me. I write a variety of things: humor, everyday observations, poetry, and how-to’s on things like craft projects. I am soon to be published in an anthology in 2013. You KNOW I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Some of my endeavors seek your money and those are listed under the tab My Creations>MelodyEssence Artisan Shop. I have dog food bills to pay, for the love of Pete.

Melody and her family

Melody and her family

Here I am with my husband Dub and our two dogs, Hunter, the chocolate lab, and Lacey, the Beagle.

To get these photos, we wrangled them through the mall where we encountered 1) a very important mall guard who was sure we were up to no good with our “dangerous” dogs [Hunter might knock you over with exuberance and Lacey could sniff you to death if you were covered with food particles], 2) numerous children who ran up to them screeching and tripping on shoe laces and consequently on us, and 3) the studio with a white fabric background that we were immediately able to wrinkle, smudge, swirl, disarray, and dishevel.

Now you know why my face is flushed, my husband has a death-grip on collars, and the dogs have tongues hanging out several inches as a way to show their overheatedness.

In other news…

If you are interested in what I do for a living, I own Social Media Management Services, where I take care of the day-to-day so you don’t have to. I finally gave in and made yet another website just for that: www.socialmediamelody.com. I’m on Facebook too. I work with a wide range of interesting clients: a former writer for Entertainment Tonight turned Egyptologist and author,  a former news anchor and investigative reporter turned author, a psychotherapist, a lawyer, a former college professor, and a former Colorado State Representative turned speaker and author (among others). Life is interesting!