Apr 172013
Doggy Adventures at the Swimming Pool

Every year, my small Colorado town holds a super fun dog event called Barker Days at the local pool and ball field.  This is a clever take-off of the town’s signature community event called Parker Days. Yes, because the town is called Parker. The first year we attended, we had only one dog – Hunter, [...]

Apr 102013
Cleaning, Melody Style

Apparently, the clean-and-organized-get-it-done-right-now gene present in most of my family members was not passed on to me either by birth or through osmosis. You can tell by the two feet of dust on most surfaces in my house, the numerous stacks of reading material, and that jacket still hanging on the back of the chair [...]

Apr 032013
I'm Not a Dog Person

I love my little beagle Lacey.  She is the cutest thing on the planet, if I say so myself.  She is lovable and loyal and lively and probably some other L words.  She is fun and fantastic, sometimes frantic and some other, uh…..F words. But I am not a dog person. She doesn’t seem to [...]

Mar 272013
What Not To Do At Traffic Lights

Years ago prior to the advent of cell phones, remote control multi-CD players and magical satellite radio bringing the musical stylings of live rock concerts from London, drivers had to find something else to do during tedious traffic light stops. We spent significant time tuning in local radio stations, often having to settle for an [...]