Mar 202013
How did Rice Krispies get under my kneecaps?

Apparently Rice Krispies have decided to accompany me on this last half of my life, making up for being horribly neglectful during the first half. Snap likes to party under both kneecaps mostly when going up stairs, but sometimes when turning corners on flat surfaces. Crackle is lower key, preferring to be the designated driver [...]

Mar 132013
Home Improvement vs A Sharp Stick in the Eye

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in DIY television programs: Bath Crashers, Kitchen Impossible, and Sweat Equity. That list is probably only .263 % of all the programs out there in DIY land. They come to your house and fix it. I’ve made up my mind. That’s what I want. In half [...]

Mar 062013
You Might Be a Crafter If...

You’ve ever frantically yelled “Don’t throw that away! I can make something out of it.” You spend an undisclosed amount of money every month on all things crafty.  To disclose it might give your spouse a heart attack. You know precisely where the clearance wall is in Hobby Lobby and how long it takes you [...]

Mar 012013
Doctors and Nurses and Shots, Oh My!

I avoid doctors.  I avoid needles.  And I try to avoid doing anything that causes me to need either one, like breaking my leg or stepping on rusty nails or developing an IV drug habit. Unfortunately, there does come a time where one can be forced into the doctor’s office, at which point they inevitably [...]