My Writings


I love to write. Humor is my favorite, and I have also discovered an aptitude for poetry. Who knew. Really. Not me. I blame it all on my writing group for finding the “genius” in my humble writing efforts (love you). That’s right, I’m a freakin’ writing genius :)

I am in the process of uploading previous blog posts while creating new ones. So all my writings will actually be posted under the Blog tab, but to make sure you read only what you are interested in – you may not care about humor if you are looking for poetry – click on the category you want below. Otherwise, blog posts are made in the order in which I conceive them.

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If you are interested in linking something, ask me first. If you are interested in posting or publishing something, you must get permission from me in writing first. If you are interested in stealing my stuff, DON’T! I WILL pursue you, legally. I’m not out there stealing your stuff!

Thank you :)