Feb 162013
Remember when they made pink toilet paper?

Remember when they made pink toilet paper?

I think by now everybody is aware I am pursuing a full time freelance writing career. This dream, that I have mentioned – ahem – 102.5 times (or so), allowed me to give notice to my former employer recently. This changes my daily habits.

In my new life, I no longer have a total one hour commute plus any lunchtime driving brought on by a sudden need to visit Michael’s or go out to lunch.  This has cut down significantly on gas consumption, reducing my daily costs. Happy dance.

I notice I also no longer have free continuous access to company toilet paper.

Let’s just be clear. I am female. Females visit restrooms more often than males. It’s probably proven in a study somewhere. It’s also proven at numerous large events every weekend in cities and town across the United States when the line at the ladies room is consistently 9 times longer than the line at the men’s room (if there is a line at the men’s room). I have seen desperate women crash the men’s room, scaring some nearby men while thrilling certain others – but I digress.

So now I AM the company. Apparently, I am also in charge of company toilet paper. I have to stock it and I have to buy it. And….I am still female (see paragraph above). Also, I am a coffee addict. I may have forgotten to mention that part.

Female + coffee addiction = increased number of bathroom breaks per hour which = substantial increase in toilet paper consumption which also = substantial increase in the purchase of toilet paper.

What I saved in not commuting an hour day is now made up in the purchase of toilet paper.

Nobody mentioned that in all my “what it takes to be a freelance writer and work from home” research.

Originally posted in June 2010, but worth a repost.

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