Mar 062013
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    A few craft supplies I own

    You’ve ever frantically yelled “Don’t throw that away! I can make something out of it.”

  • You spend an undisclosed amount of money every month on all things crafty.  To disclose it might give your spouse a heart attack.
  • You know precisely where the clearance wall is in Hobby Lobby and how long it takes you to walk back there.
  • Every piece of cardboard, old jewelry and well-worn clothing sets your mind ablaze with possibilities.
  • You’ve gone crazy with the glue gun and glued stuff to picture frames, cupboard doors, desks, planters, mirrors, your dog’s collar and computer monitors.
  • You cut buttons off all clothing bound for the trash can.
  • Large bags and boxes of miscellaneous items frequently appear on your doorstep. Everyone knows where the crazy craft lady lives.
  • You think nothing of going in to work with paint under your fingernails and glue on your elbow.
  • Every time you decide to clean and organize, you discover craft items you didn’t know you owned.
  • You don’t mind when you spill paint. It’s like floor art.
  • All folding tables in the house become permanent craft room additions.
  • Your spouse learns not to ask when how long you’ll be gone when it’s craft fair season.
  • Anything is fair game to become a piece of jewelry: bottle tops, tire rims, twist ties.
  • Others don’t understand why you need 15 different types of glue.
  • Your husband buys you a 100 pack of gel pens complete with stand, without batting an eye.  You’ve trained him well.

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